Version 3.2, 28-11-2017

  • Retrieve the available country lists from the portal
  • Support for Spanish for iObs and for species lists

Version 3.1, 13-11-2017

  • New preference for filtering out subspecies, hybrids and/or multispecies from a species lists

Version 3.0, 3-1-2017

  • Access to the iObs online user manual
  • Preference for showing the position in Dutch RD coordinates
  • Check for database consistency and offer fix
  • Updated country lists
  • Supported on iOS 8+

Version 2.6.1, 19-8-2016

  • Bugfixes

Version 2.6, 25-7-2016

  • Observations are grouped per day, so you can more easily find back an observation.
  • In preferences you can set the sort order of your observations to time or species name.
  • The observation overview has a “statistics” option, showing you the number of species and observations in a time period that you can choose yourself.
  • The rarity of a species is indicated in all screens.
  • You get a confirmation screen after hitting the button for uploading or exporting observations, no more accidental uploads.
  • The About-screen shows the current data usage of iObs, which is very low except when you add lots of photos.
  • You can delete photos that were already sent, while keeping your observations in iObs
  • Country lists, appearances and activities are updated to the latest versions
  • An issue was fixed when using Swiftkey keyboard"
  • Replace the MapQuest map by Outdoors map

Version 2.5.2, 24-3-2016

  • Bugfixes

Versie 2.5.1, 5-3-2016

  • Bugfixes

Version 2.5, 25-2-2016

  • Enter additional counts for an observation, e.g. for separately entering males and females
  • Status icon in the observations overview for easily recognizing protected or uncertain observations
  • Updated country lists

Version 2.4, 9-1-2016

  • Updated country lists
  • Bugfixes

Version 2.2, 5-9-2015

  • Preference for excluding uncertain observations in an upload
  • For locking of input values, configure if an input field will join or not

Version 2.0, 9-7-2015

  • Add photos to your observations
  • Export in CSV format
  • Performance improvements

Version 1.10, 25-10-2014

  • Species lists per continent, country or region

Version 1.8, 8-10-2014

  • Select species from multiple species lists
  • Change the order of your species lists
  • Support for iOS8

Version 1.6, 18-7-2014

  • Change location on the map for a new or existing observation
  • Change date and time for a new or existing observation
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.4, 6-5-2014

  • Lock values of activity, appearance and remarks during input of new observations
  • Automatically lock values for obscure or embargo data until you switch it off again
  • Change the order of activities and appearances, and thus also change the default value for a new observation
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.2, 17-2-2014

  • Support for displaying the scientific species name.
  • Configure the name display preference per species list.
  • Copy an existing observation to add observations for same time and location.
  • Handle timezone changes correctly.
  • French translation.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.0.1, 31-12-2013

  • Fix for an issue where sometimes an old location was used for new observations.

Version 1.0, 14-12-2013

  • First version