Wish list

This is a list of desired additions to iObs. If you have a wish that is not yet on the list, please let us know on forum.waarneming.nl. Please note that developing iObs is volunteer work, so no ETA can be given for any feature in this list.

The list doesn’t have any special order.

  • Use of maps without data connection.
  • Automatic upload.
  • Automatically remove uploaded observations.
  • Register an account from iObs.
  • Import observations from the portal.
  • Quick access to the last/most selected species.
  • Start searching after entering 2 characters.
  • Display own observations on the map.
  • Show observations from others in the vicinity.
  • When adding a photo, copy location and time from the photo.
  • Download all species groups from a country of region in one go.
  • Select and add multiple photo’s at the same time.
  • Edit photos before adding, like cropping and rotating.
  • Set a UI language for iObs, independent of the language set on the phone
  • Enter relationships like host plant.
  • Automatic updates of country lists.

Some wishes cannot be implemented (yet):

  • Speech entry: SIRI has been opened up for use in apps, but only supports a limited vocabulary, not recognizing random speech. The latter is necessary to be able to enter species names.
  • Add Arabic as new UI language: the preparation for adding a right-to-left language has been done, but in the end we could not find a translator.