Copy an observation

To copy an existing observation, do Menu/Observations and locate the observation. This can be handy when after a trip you forgot to enter one or more observations, but you have entered other observations at the same place and time. Just add an extra observation and copy the time and place.

There are three ways to start a copy:

  • Drag the observation to the left and click on “Copy” that appears on the right side of the observation
  • Click on “Edit” on the right side of the navigation bar, click on the icon to the left of the observation and then click on the “Copy” button that appears to the right of the observation.
  • Click on the observation, and then click on “Copy” button on the toolbar.

In all cases, you will end up in an entry screen that is similar to that of a new observation. Note that instead of “Add”, this screen now has “Copy” as title. The behavior is a little different from adding a new observation:

  • The species name is copied from the original. This is only done for the very first copy. After saving, you will stay in copy mode to enter additional observations, but the species name is cleared.
  • Time and location are copied from the original.
  • You cannot lock input fields. The fields “Appearance”, “Activity” and “Remarks” are automatically preserved across saves.
  • You cannot let time and position track the current values, as in copy-mode you are entering observations done in the past.