iObs is an application that can be used worldwide for entering and uploading observations of birds, mammals, plants, etc. directly from the field. You can use current time and location. You can use the app without Internet connection. When on-line, you can upload all data to your personal account on participating portal sites. Currently these are, and

This online manual describes iObs 3.2. The most important functions that are supported by iObs:

  • Load and store species lists on the iPhone. Support for all species groups, several languages and sub selections for countries, regions and continents.
  • Enter and store observations on the iPhone. Use of GPS of the iPhone for getting current position.
  • Entering observations can be completely done off-line, for example when abroad. Only loading extra species lists and uploading observations requires an Internet connection.
  • Choose a different location on a map. A choice of different maps is offered. Note: this function requires an Internet connection.
  • Adding photo’s to an observation.

iObs has been designed for an iPhone-screen. The app will work on an iPad, but to use it in the field you need to have GPS. This is not present on the iPad Wifi-model.

You can find iObs in the Apple app store here: Here you can also express your appreciation. iObs 3 requires iOS 8.0 or later. If you have iOS 7.0, for instance on a iPhone4, then iObs 2.6.1 is the last version that is still supported. When you visit the app store with an iPhone4, this version is automatically offered.

From here you can proceed to read about the Basics, jump ahead to Quick start, check the menu for a topic of interest or use search to find text on a specific item. Have fun!