Quick start

After downloading iObs and starting it for the first time, following these steps will get you on your way quickly. Make sure that you have registered an account on one of the portals waarneming.nl, waarnemingen.be or observation.org. Have your account name and password ready. Some of the steps require a network connection.

If you want to first get some background information on iObs, please read Basics first and then return here.

Get the initial species list

  • Click on “Download a new list”
  • Select the relevant species group, language and country
  • Click “Download” in upper right corner to retrieve this list
  • You’ll automatically return to the Add Observation screen

Add a first observation

  • Click on “Choose a species”
  • On the species screen, filter the list by typing at least three characters on the search bar. These will match the beginning of a name part.
  • Click on the name of the observed species
  • Click on the save button . Note that saving an observation requires an accurate position. You may need to wait for a good GPS fix for the save button to become enabled.

Upload an observation

  • Go to Menu/Observations
  • Click on the upload icon on the task bar.
  • Enter account name and password. This is asked only once. Once login is successful, the upload will start.

Congratulations! You have used iObs to enter your first observation. Note that it can take up to 15 minutes for the observation to appear on the portal.

You are now ready to discover the possibilities that iObs offers as you go on using it. A good starting point is the explanation on the details of an observation.