Sub counts

When entering an observation, you can add multiple sub counts. A sub count is defined by a number, gender, appearance and activity. On the observation detail screen each sub count has a header with a summary:

You can click this header to open or close the sub count details. You can only have details open for one sub count at a time.

Per default an observations has one sub count. You can add multiple sub counts by clicking the add sub count icon on the toolbar. You can then specify different gender, appearance and/or activity, and enter the number of individuals for the new sub count.

Note that when two sub counts have identical gender, appearance and activity the summary lines are marked with a small orange triangle:

You should change the details to make the sub count unique, after which the orange triangle disappears. If you don’t do this, you can still save and upload this observation. The numbers for identical sub counts will be added in the upload.

You can delete a sub count by press and drag a header to the left. A “Delete” option appears on the right. Clicking this will delete the sub count.

You cannot delete a sub count if this is the only one left. Dragging will be disabled.