Configure species lists

To configure species lists, go to Menu/Lists and click on the config icon on the toolbar. You’ll reach the configuration screen. Here you can change the following options:

  • Refresh region lists. Use this to refresh the available region lists from the server. Below you can see how many lists are present for how many countries, and the date and time of the last refresh.
  • Species name. You can choose to display the local species name, the scientific species name or both. The default is local name.
  • Filtering species. You can choose to not display subspecies, hybrids and/or multispecies, which will decrease the number of matches when you search for a species. The default is to show all.

Note: when you arrive on the configuration screen through Menu/Lists, you can configure the defaults for all new species lists and groups. When you arrive on the configuration screen by clicking the List-button on the species selection screen, you can configure the active list.