A new observation

Go to Menu/Add for entering a new observation. This will take you to the observation entry screen where you can fill in and save all observation details. This is also the default screen when starting iObs.

See Observation details for information on each available field.

See Manage observations for how to change an observation that is already saved.

Top bar

The top bar has buttons to configure three values of an observation: date and time, position and protection. You can click on one of the three buttons to change the corresponding values. Each of these values will be auto-locked. This means that after saving an observation, the value will stay the same. To indicate that a value is auto-locked, the button is displayed in blue, which is the color used for locked state. See here for the top bar where a custom time has been entered:

Also a reset-button appears. When you click this, all three values will be reset to their defaults and the reset-button will auto-hide again. For time and position the default value is to track the current time and position. For protection, the default state is disabled.

See Observation details for changing date and time, position and protection.

Tool bar

The toolbar has four buttons to perform the followings tasks:

  • Preserve the value of fields after saving, see Lock input for more information
  • Add photos to your observation, see Photos for more information
  • Add additional groups, see Sub counts for more information
  • Save an observation. Note that a new observation will exist on the device only after pressing the save button. The toolbar will shortly glow in a green color to indicate that saving was successful.