Group species lists

When you want to enter observations for multiple species groups at once, you can group multiple species lists and choose this group as species list. Go to Menu/Lists, make sure that there are multiple species lists present, then press the add group icon .

Assign a name to the group by clicking on the input field labeled “Name”. A keyboard appears. Enter a name and click on “Done”.

Then specify the preference for name display. Click on “Species names”, select the display of preference and click on “Done”.

Finally, select the species lists that you want to combine in this group. You can do that by checkmarking the lists. Click on the list to checkmark it, click again to remove the checkmark again.

When the group is configured, click on “Save” on the navigation balk to save the group. You will return to the overview of species lists, and the newly added group is appended to the end of the list. When you want to cancel adding a group, press “Lists” on the navigation bar to return to the overview of lists without a group being added.