Lock input

Sometimes you need to enter a number of observations with the same values for one or more fields. You can easily do this by using the pin icon on the toolbar to enable locking. When locking is enabled, the pin icon is displayed in blue. Per default, locking is turned off and the pin icon is green.

When locking is enabled for an input field, the label is displayed in blue. Per default, when you turn on locking, this is enabled for appearance, activity and remarks. You can easily change this by press and drag the input field to the left. A checkbox will appear to the right:

You can check or uncheck the lock option to indicate if the value of this input field should be locked or not. The color of the label will always indicate the locking state of the input field. You can only change the locking state while locking is enabled. All input fields can potentially participate in locking, including the species field. Which fields participate in locking is remembered for when you turn locking off and on again or when you restart iObs.

Note that locking is only supported when you are adding new observations. When you update an existing observation, you cannot use locking.

Note that when you have multiple sub counts, the last value that you have chosen for appearance or activity will be the locked value, and hence the default for the next observation.